Frequently asked questions


How do I collect my tickets?

If you’ve booked tickets from our website, you just need to turn up and mention your name at the door.  We will have a note of your booking. We don’t send out tickets as we a trying to do our bit for the environment.  If you’ve booked tickets from The Aberdeen Box Office then you just need to turn up with your printed email confirmation or bring your tickets along on the night.


When should I book my tickets?

As soon as you can.  We sell out fast.


Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes, however booking online in advance would be advised as this will gaurantee your entry.  


I have booked tickets from your website but haven’t received an email confirmation. What do I do?

Don’t panic.  Sometimes this happens.  All you need to do is turn up and mention your name at the door.  We will have a list of everyone that has booked.


Can I reserve a table & seats

Yes, all you need to do is book your tickets from our website then drop us an email at

On the night, you must turn up 15 minutes early at 745pm.  This way we can get you in and seated before the general public arrive.  If you turn up late, your table may be taken.  


What time does the show start / finish?

Doors open 8pm, show starts 830pm and finishes at 11pm.  There will be x2 twenty minute intervals during the show.


Can we talk & heckle during the performance?

HELL NO! We want everyone to enjoy their night out and our clubs and aim for a theatre-like environment when the acts are on stage. Some performers encourage audience interaction, in which case feel free to join in when you are spoken to. If you talk whilst acts are one stage or are talking on your phone, please don’t be offended if we ask you to be quiet.  Other people have paid to listen to comedy, not you and your friends.  If you continually talk during the show and ruin it for others, you will be asked to leave.  


If we can’t make the show, can we get a refund?

Sorry no refunds.  However if you really can’t make it, drop us an email and we will give you tickets for another show.  We don’t want you being out of pocket and understand that sometimes ‘shit happens’


Do you serve food?

Sorry we no longer offer food.  Just booze. We only offer food if you’re organizing a private party, however this would need to be discussed in advance.  There are plenty of amazing restaurants nearby if you are looking for somewhere to eat.  However make sure you get to the show on time.  We won’t wait for you.


It’s my birthday, can you get the comedian to get everyone to sing happy birthday?

Hmm…sometimes we might do it, however don’t cry if we don’t.  Our priority is to put on a great comedy night and not sing happy birthday for 5 minutes.  


I went to a show and was deeply offended by what one of the comedians said. What can I do?

Deal with it.  It’s just comedy.  


Does the bar accept card payment?

The Blue Lamp doesn’t have a card reader.  Make sure you bring cash. 


Can I buy an Unlimited Comedy Gift Card at the club?

You sure can!  Speak to Naz on the night.


What is the Age limit?



If my company is a sponsor of Breakneck Comedy do I pay to get in?

No, our Sponsors don’t pay.