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Billy Watson


Billy Watson is a stand up comedian, poet, author and blogger from South Queensferry who lived in Turkey for twelve years but returned to Scotland in 2018 where he has been raising his profile to the point he was invited to perform at various festivals in England in 2023, as well as do a special Speakeasy show of uncensored comedy with Katie Hopkins who he also perfomed with at another uncensored kind of a show filmed by Ickonic, which included Andrew Lawrence, Alastair Williams, Abi Roberts and Right Said Fred.  He started performing comedy in 1999 and has had a few comedy characters along the way which included The Great White Shaft, Hamish McScottie and Nob Stewart who he used as a vehicle to perform poetry and music.  Billy grew up loving Billy Connolly, Laurel and Hardy, Richard Pryor and Fawlty Towers but he got into comedy through hearing David Icke talk about Bill Hicks.  When he realised people could try and change the world through comedy he gave up his rock and roll dreams and embarked on his comedy ones in many an open mic night, some booked gigs and even putting on seven Edinburgh Festival solo shows in a bid to keep doing what he loves, even though some of his antics on and off the stage have made some promoters shy away from booking him. For instance, Billy has interviewed many people during the last three years who do not agree with the offical narrative's being put out there by the establishment and that did not go down well in some quarters. Billy even lost two jobs for refusing to play the game of complient obedience.  Billy felt some kind of vindication when over twenty five years after starting performing, he not only interviewed David Icke but then met his sons Jaymie and Gareth when they were filming him perform the first comedy scripts he wrote twenty years ago talking about subjects which are still relevant today but were hard to sell at The State Bar to an audience of seven drunk glaswegians on a very wet Saturday night. Billy is a comedian who likes to keep it real regardless if it is politics, football or even his own personal life and therefore snowflakes may have a meltdown if they are in his vicinity but his intent is to be funny for those who can take the jokes. So come along and join in the fun, it's bound to be a hellavu ride.


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