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‘Keeps on getting better…‘ The Metro

Perth-born Heenan started his comedy career by accident. He accompanied a friend to the local heats of So You Think You’re Funny and, when the friend chickened out, ended up not only going on stage but winning the heat. “I ended up losing the national final to Lee Mack,” he says. And what happened to the friend who chickened out? “I have no idea. He could be dead. Who cares?” He’s joking (just in case the friend in question is reading this), but when he laughs, he sounds like a man who can’t believe how lucky he is to be where he is.

He’s built up a career as a stand-up and writer for shows such as The Karen Dunbar Show and Chewing The Fat, and regularly MCs at The Stand. “The pressure’s off when you’re the MC,” he says. “People expect the acts to be funny and if the compere is funny, that’s a bonus. Actually, I’ve had people come up to me after I’ve MCed and say ‘you’re pretty funny, have you ever thought of doing comedy yourself?’” Does it take a particular set of skills to be an MC? “Yeah, you’ve got to basically like people.” Does he like people? “Not really. But I’m good at bluffing it.”

The Movie Madness quiz is Heenan’s brainchild and has become the high point of a Monday night in Glasgow. It’s run like a panel show with two competing teams of comedians battling against the audience in a movie trivia fight to the death. It’s now so popular with comedians that there aren’t any available slots on the panel until December, and Heenan is considering bringing the format to the Fringe.

We try him on one more piece of trivia before letting him away. Who wrote the screenplay for Stayin’ Alive? “Easy. Sylvester Stallone.”

You win this round, Heenan.


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