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Martin Bearne


Martin Bearne: Mixed Ability Actor

Laurence Olivier, Marlon Brando, Dame Judy Dench, Martin Bearne has heard of all of these.  This show is what happens when a comedian gets successful and starts taking themselves too seriously, but minus the success.

Master of dark comedy and stalwart of the Scottish comedy scene Martin Bearne would like to be taken seriously as a serious actor doing serious acting.  Sick of delivering one liners to disinterested pub-goers, Martin Bearne has broken free of the shackles of conventional comedy and is once again soaring on the wings of his first true love: actoring.

Can he make it through a whole hour without abandoning his thespian dreams?  Will he crack and start telling dick (and crack) jokes?  Can you, a mere audience member, even begin to comprehend his depth as a performer and a human man?  Join him on a voyage of discovery both of self and truths universal as he acts right in your face violently and without warning.

As seen on Britain’s Got Talent and BBC Scotland’s The Comedy Underground and heard on BBC Radio Scotland’s The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected with Mark Nelson. Winner of Jason Manford's and Comedy Store gong shows.

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