Would you be interested in performing at Breakneck Comedy?

If you are funny and would like to perform with us please get in touch.  Over the next few months we will be running a number of new act nights in order to see as many acts as possible.  

If you are interested in performing for us please fill in the form below.



Q: Do I need to write my own material?
A: YES! And please whatever you do don’t steal material from other comedians. This is joke theft!
Q: How long am I expected to do?
A: You will be expected to do a 5-10 minute slot. Please be prepared and write your OWN material and be ready to perform it on the night.
Q: Do I get paid?
A: Our new act nights are unpaid and just a chance for you to be seen by us. If you are good you will get paid work eventually.
Q: What is the age limit to apply?
A: 16 year or over.
Q: What happens if it doesn't do well on the night?
A: Don’t worry. It’s only a new act night and you will be on with other new acts so you won’t be alone.
Q: I applied, how soon should I expect to hear back with a date?
A: Over the next few weeks.