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Where Kids Rule the World… or at least a bit of it.

Kidocracy is an interactive theatre show for children

aged 6+, presented by Keith Farnan (Michael
McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow). Appearing as his alter
ego, Brehon, an ancient Irish know-it-all, the show
introduces children to some very simple concepts
relating to politics and governing while having fun at
the same time.
This is a unique and exciting show for children that
aspires to show the importance of participation in a
democracy, whether it be real or invented. The
structure of the show is intended to involve as many
of the children as possible, either in the proposing of
ideas or the games that take place during the show.
The aim of Kidocracy is to encourage participation and a fearlessness when encountering
issues relating to politics and law. The grown-ups have clearly made a mess of things and
so Brehon offers the boys and girls a chance to rule the island of Kidocracy. In just under
an hour, they must elect leaders, come up with rules that rock and deal with all sorts of
crises because running the world isn’t just all fun, fun, fun, there’s stuff to be done as well.

The show itself is flexible and continually growing in terms of scope and ideas that touch
on various issues. These are some of the core sections of Kidocracy. The show opens with
a video briefly telling the history of the world and how awful everything was until the
Irish showed up. The video focuses on the Brehon’s, an Irish tribe, who came up with
some of the most forward looking laws in relation to equality and human rights. The video
then explains how one of these Brehon’s has been asleep for hundreds of years and now
he’s back to give children the chance to rule the world. Brehon introduces himself to
stage and then starts off with some interactive crowd work to get all the children (and
adults) vocalising and basically not afraid to either put up their hand or make noise when
The show has a number of sections, each with a different purpose. The opening section is
about identifying the leaders of the country and the world and understanding how they
have been elected. Because Brehon has been asleep for four hundred years, he needs help
getting up to speed on who’s in charge of the world. He’s been given some pictures of
people who are in charge and so he needs help from the children identifying who they
are. In most of the questions and answers section, there will be multiple choice answers to avoid any undue pressure in case the children aren’t able to come up with an answer

As Brehon declares his confusion as to how leaders are elected, he is interrupted by the
“Advisor”. This role, as played by actress and improviser Leila Al-Jeboury in the
development of the show, is important for a number of reasons. She is situated in the
audience and her official role is to oversee the show on behalf of the government. During
the show, she is a facilitator for debate, presenting the opposing arguments to Brehon but
she’s also important in monitoring the audience and trying to identify which children
haven’t spoken yet and encouraging them to do so.
Brehon presents images of Kidocracy, an island off the coast of Ireland, where children
can not only vote, they can lead as well. The island is divided into two, one side to be run
by girls and one side to be run by boys. This may appear adversarial but during the
development of the show it became clear that it was important to create a situation where
the girls felt confident to present themselves as leaders. Once the leaders are elected, the
audience must then form a constitution for running the island and a series of slides
appear with suggestions for these rules.
Once the rules are completed, the audience will face a crisis or series of crises on the
island in the form of live reports from the island. These reports will present problems to
be debated that range from the presence of a giant bear on the island to defamatory
graffiti. This allows the children to debate issues such as immigration and freedom of
speech without being too serious.
During the show, there are other various sections including Question Time where
grownups compete against children answering difficult political questions. Of course,
these are aimed at the adults with much easier questions to the children. There’s also a
chance for the more artistically inclined to create a flag for the island later in the show
and there are several other sections currently in development which will be
Kidocracy should involve as many of the children in the audience as possible in all aspects
of running the Island. This obviously becomes more difficult as audiences become bigger
but the show is designed to be as flexible as possible and to allow a great deal of
Hopefully this brief description gives a sense of what we’re trying to achieve, the
importance of participation, an introduction to basic ideas of governing and leadership in
a unique and fun way.
“A really entertaining, funny kid’s show with loads of great audience
participation to keep all ages entertained and laughing. Brehon’s Irish
charm engages the children straight away” - Primary Times
KEITH FARNAN ““Artful, satirical…with a lightness of touch and a hefty helping of
roguish Celtic charm” SUNDAY TIMES
Keith Farnan is a former solicitor who, before practicing in Ireland, worked as an intern
in the Innocence Project New York and the Georgia Multicounty Public Defenders Office
researching appeals against the death penalty. Having left law for comedy, he has since
appeared on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Montreal’s Just for Laughs,
Showtime’s Live from Amsterdam as well as Money, Money, Money, his own stand-up
documentary about the collapse of the Irish economy for RTE. He performs his unique
shows with their mixture of satire and insight at festivals across the world. Kidocracy is
his first children’s show but is very much in keeping with his previous shows bringing a
sense of fun to the societal issues of the day.
LEILA AL-JEBOURY - Leila trained at Arts Ed and has been working as an actor for over
10 years. She has appeared in theatre, film and commercials as well as voiceovers and
children's comedy. She is currently on serial podcast drama The Family Tree,

“Funny, interactive, lively, intriguing and democratic” - Fest


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“Funny, interactive, lively, intriguing and democratic”


“A really entertaining, funny kid’s show with loads of great audience participation to keep all ages entertained and laughing. Brehon’s Irish charm engages the children straight away”

Primary Times

Artful, satirical…with a lightness of touch and a hefty helping of roguish Celtic charm”